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Agile Board Filter Features

Used by agile teams worldwide

User friendly JQL search bar

Use the graphical search bar or JQL directly on the board and backlog, and forget about Quick Filters.

Backlog Epic & Versions lists filtering

Reduce the planning timeand easily manage big Kanban backlogs. Show unestimated, uncompleted or empty Versions or Epics.

Private "quick filters"

Create private board or backlog filters and reduce the number of Quick Filters on the board. Separate planning, reporting and board filters.

Customise search bar fields

Change the search bar field layout the way you want. 

Agile Bulk Change

Edit group of tasks using the Bulk Change directly from the board. Include or exclude swimlanes.

Reduced board loading time

Huge boards will load up to 90% faster.

Migrate filters between boards

Advanced options to import, export, move, reorder, create or delete any kind of filters.

Disable Quick Filters and advanced board configuration

Hide Quick Filters, change screen layout and more.

Agile Cards Print

Filter the tasks and print cards you need without going to any other screen. Print unprinted cards option if used with Agile Cards from Spartez.

Print unprinted cards

Combine the filtering power with Agile Cards plugin and print unprinted cards from your board or backlog 

Horizontal scroll bar for multicolumn boards

Handle multicolumn boards with ease. No more unreadable super thin tickets.

40. ScrollOn.png
Visible epic workflow status

Preview the Issue Status directly on the Epic List. "Mark as Done" resolved epics with confidence.

42. EpicStatus.png
Easier board navigation

Selected filters will be highlighted

37.Highlight selected fields.png


  • Perfect addon that helps managing big boards effectively.
    – Atlassian Experts @ brainbits
  • We use this filter in our daily standups to filter to whoever is giving their update... definitely a must have for us too.
    – Jonathan Muller @ ViaOncology
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