Support Service Level Agreement (SLA) for eXtensi Products

Updated: 18 October 2019



To create a support ticket send an email to


Escalations and business critical faults support for Data Center licenses

In case of a critical failure or escalation please use  or call +48 790 478 624.

We do provide limited support outside business hours and on weekends but we can't guarantee any response time.


Response Times

eXtensi aims to respond to support requests within:

  • 4 business days  to our server customers 
  • 2 business days to our Data Center customers

In most of cases we respond immediately during our business hours.  We do provide support outside business hours and on weekends but we can't guarantee any response time.


Fix Times

We do our best to provide the best resolution for any technical issues faced by our customers. We can't guarantee any specific response time for a bug-fix or an improvement requests. In the most of the scenarios bugfixes or improvements will be released as the part of the next marketplace release. Critical bugs affecting the use of the product will be always prioritized and the support will be provided ASAP.

Data Center customers tickets will be always prioretized.

Extensi will not be responsible for delays caused by the Customer or for any reason beyond our control. For example, a 3rd party add-on affects/conflicts with our product or the Customer installs wrong version of the plugin.


Business hours

Monday - Friday, 8AM-5PM (Central European Time (UTC/GMT +1 hour)).

We operate in Poland and we're closed during polish national holidays.

Check the following links for the exact dates.


Idle Issues Closing Procedure

If Extensi does not receive a response within 5 business days, we'll send a request again. After the next 5 days without response, the ticket is going to be closed.


Support rules and scope

  • We'll prioritize tickets from customers providing a valid SEN (Support entitlement number) - we will provide general support to everyone without a valid maintenance license with lower priority
  • We'll provide our Customers with:
    • Product documentation
    • Products installation & configuration support
    • Products upgrades support
    • Products bugfixes - we may provide a customer with a hotfix in form of a JAR file to verify the issue has been solved, before we release the bugfix to the marketplace
    • Answer to technical or product queries