New Agile Board Filter Features

Customisable default search fields, new Save As, Copy To, KanPlan and more!!

New features added to version 1.6.0-1.8.0

  • Customisable default search fields on the toolbar for the team (per board) or globally for the whole organisation
  • Save As functionality for fast filter creation (private, team, Quick Filters)
  • Copy To functionality to copy all Quick Filters or JIRA Favourite Filters into private or team board filters in a simple step
  • Backlog for Kanban (KanPlan) feature integration (JIRA7.3 & JIRA 7.4 EAP)
  • Backlog Epic & Versions panels filtering (live search)
  • New Quick Filters Manager
  • Share pre-filtered board via URL link in email
  • Hide Quick Filters & optimise UI layout
  • Hide Agile Bulk option
  • New Advanced board configuration
  • New Help Menu & Video tutorials

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