Sync to issues filter on the Epic list panel

The Agile Board Filter for JIRA Software 2.2 has been released and it's available for download

New feature: "Sync to issues" filter on the Epics list panel

Shows only epics linked by visible issues on sprints and backlog. Takes into account Quick Filters and Agile Board issues filtering.

Example: Your epic list has 100 epics but you're interested only in epics linked to urgentstories. Filter out the task list using a Quick Filter or the Agile Board Filter search bar. Afterwards the epic list will sync to issues and hide all epics not linked to visible issues.


Sync Disabled => all epics are visible


Sync Enabled => only epic1 and epic2 will be visible as they are being linked to test1, test3, story1, story2 visible issues.

epic3 and epic4 are hidden.


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